Flat RemovalsSS Removals’ residential services are not exclusively for houses. We know that not all customers live in houses, so our removal services are also available to customers in flats and apartments too. We know that access to a flat will be slightly different compared to houses, but that does not stop us from offering our services.

All of our residential services for houses are exactly the same for flats, so you won’t be hearing any excuses from us for not being able to assist you.

If you happen to live in a flat and require our services, we will look exactly at where your flat is and which floor it is on and how we go from there. We will check all access points to see if there are stairs or lifts available to help us get to you and where we can park our vans ready to carry out the removal.

Do not be put off enquiring whether or not we can assist you with your removal needs just because you live inside a flat or apartment. We understand that some larger items of furniture were probably a bit awkward getting into the property so we have no excuse in not providing a service to remove it.

We can handle large item such as sofas, beds, appliances and any other large items that you need to remove.

You do not have to do anything whilst we visit your flat. Just give us access and we will sort out the rest and will get everything removed, packed up and transported to your new location in no time.

If you have a flat and require a fantastic removal service, contact SS Removals today.


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